Saturday, 11 August 2007


Fennel is one of my favourite plants, both pleasing to look at and to eat ( especially in salads and steamed with fish ).
This bronze fennel was originally bought in West Ealing Farmers Market and has thrived and spread 'pups' around the garden from seed.

Today was our last visit to the farmers market from our current property although we'll still be visiting occasionally from our new home .

Besides fennel, rocket, goats cheese and walnut bread , we bought wild boar to have as our last roast and ate it out in the garden to the sound of Ring Necked Parakeets.
Last year I based one of my journal quilts on the fennel in my garden. The background is pieced from strips of different brown fabric, quilted in lines on the machine and overpainted with acrylic paints. Embellished with yellow beads and applied green metallic cord

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