Friday 14 September 2007

Sketchbook/Lab book?

Page from 'Lab Book' - sunprinting
Page from 'Lab Book' -monoprinting
Wanting to have some creative time but with most of my stuff still buried away in boxes, I've been reviewing my sketchbooks. For many years I've had several on the go at any one time - the watercolour travel journal; the scribbles-at-exhibitions pad; the painting course detailed drawings notebook; the back-of-an- envelope style quilt sketches.
During the process of making my 'In the Spotlight' quilt I thought I ought to record the ideas, trials and 'toiles' along the way - keep a sketchbook 'properly' in other words (tho' I've never done City & Guilds). It's actually been a productive process and I've continued to use it to compile photos, sketches, samples and notes from workshops attended and other sources. Today I was updating the pages for the Cas Holmes workshop 'From the Land' I did in July (pictured above).
Rather than being a sketchbook , I've realised it's more like the Laboratory Books I keep at work. As scientific research may be published (or patented) it is important that records in Lab Books are sufficiently detailed and clear to allow "someone skilled in the art" to recreate the work - what was done, why it was done, what were the results. All details of a project should be recorded including raw data and final results of experiments, protocols and designs of experiments, details of equipment use, drawings, photographs, charts, computer printouts, etc. Record all research and developmental efforts, including ideas generated during meetings, noting sources of ideas.
Not so different from developing and recording art work.

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Bubbie said...

Hello Margaret,I just happened upon your blog. I was looking up shared interests,art and orchids.
Loved looking at your fiber art. The combination of fabrics, printed organic forms and colors are wonderfully done. You trip photos were also enjoyable. Blog On!