Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Challenge of Colour Matching Indigo

Detail of seed stitching

November Journal Quilt 'Indigo Two forms'

A few posts ago I asked for suggestions on how to stitch the photo of Henry Moore's '2 forms' that I'd printed on Indigo fabric. I decided 'Less is More' ( sorry couldn't resist the pun) and used seed stitching in the background , leaving the sculpture itself unstitched. I was pleased with the very subtle results but ran into problems taking an accurate photo for posting this as my November Journal Quilt.
At the moment my computer is not recognising my scanner ( the result I think of deleting a demo version of music scanning software I tried for choir practice). I photographed it instead and then used Photoshop to adjust the lighting levels, contrast etc.
It was actually very difficult to obtain a realistic image - both getting a match for the hue of indigo and also the intensity. In the end the photo is lighter than the quilt is in reality otherwise you'd never see the stitching at the bottom. When I tried to print it ( on coated paper which usually gives good results) , the blue was a very crude match - some more work to do here I think.


Olga said...

I really like the combination of the indigo marks and colour and the stitching. I like the colour as it is in reproduction, even if it is not accurate!

I was interested in your medieval tile quilt. Winchester cathedral has some beautiful tiles which I photographed some years ago, and which I planned to use somehow, ... but have not so far. I love that palette.

jude said...

i have just found your blog and i am just reading through to get a feel for what you are doing, but what ever it is...it is attracting my interest.

Helen Suzanne said...

this is beautiful work with the indigo Mags. I love the texture and subtle colour changes your stitching brings to the forms. Really lovely