Sunday 20 July 2008

Tideline- After the Storm

I've put thoughts of playing with studio journals aside for the moment, concentrating on finishing stitching and painting one of my entries for FoQ. I learnt a lot from my Journal test piece below - to leave more of the underlying fabric showing through and to introduce more colours into the paler areas
Stitched surface before painting
Stitched area before painting (detail)
Stitched and painted area (detail)
I'm not showing you the whole thing yet as having to wrap it round a board to paint one half and then the other, I haven't seen it myself apart from doing a merge in photoshop! I've printed out a couple of merged photos to scribble on - I can see where some areas need further attention. This has been carried out with nagging toothache (re-occurance of infection from failed treatment earlier in the year). Poor Ian has borne the brunt of my foul temper - if ever there was a need to dedicate quilts in the same way as books to a patient spouse! Audio books from Audible have helped- 'Anne of Green Gables' when stitching ( with her impatience of patchwork) and 'Wuthering Heights' while painting.

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neki desu said...

in love with these,very inspiring.

neki desu