Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow in Brentford

Snow always catches us unaware in the UK ( especially in London) - there's always the outcry of services grinding to a halt under winter conditions that for most of Northern Europe and America is normal. But then it happens so rarely that there would be bitter complaints about investments in snow ploughs that are only used every 10 years! With such infrequent snow, when it does arrive it tends to bring back memories of previous occasions - like when I was at University , walking into college then stupidly giving blood and passing out or wheeling my bike home from work in a blizzard , a journey of 2 hours!
Pleasanter memories are of taking pictures of the snow settling on the trees at the back of my previous property. It formed the basis of my first experiments using Photoshop to manipulate the images and my very first Journal Quilt in January 2003! I used the ideas to make a larger piece ( detail above) which it is hung in our dining room. I like the restricted , restrained palette.
Snow on trees still fascinates me and I 've taken lots more photos I ventured out on a shopping expedition to the High Street , well bundled up in my waterproof and walking boots with trekking pole. The gaiters were a bit of a struggle to get into as I don't use them very often - purchased after a snowy walking holiday in the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus when I got fed up of snow getting into my boots. Worth it tho'!
I took my camera and went on a slight detour down by the canal and dock( seen here in warmer times ) - there's one of the last working boatyards along this stretch of river, repairing canal boats and barges.

Our next door neighbour Myra gave us a Xmas card with a very similar view - where the Grand Union Canal joins the Thames (in the distance on the far bank is Kew Palace).


Eva said...

Wonderful photographs! I understand that people are angry about the obstacles created by the weather; but you do the right thing, enjoy the unusual sights and use it in a creative way. Thanks for sharing!

Judy Scott said...

these photographs are so peaceful and beautiful too ~ I love bright colours usually but these gentle soothing colours are just lovely together, I really like the journal quilt you made and how you used your trees on photoshop, reminds me a little of a Sandra Meech quilt ~ something Ive always meant to do but never got round to ~ hope you get to keep your snow longer than us ~ ours has all disappeared!

MargB said...

I love the photographs - we are still sweltering here in Australia- been worse but the humidity is awful! Sometimes I wish for snow - or do I?

Guzzisue said...

I've been enjoying photos like yours especially as I haven't been able to venture out for fear of breaking the other arm. I love the fact that the colours drain away with snow pictures.

Tessa said...

I have just discovered your blog
Margaret and interested to see more of your work.It looks as if I shall enjoy a good read too.
(PS I am still with the Guild of Silk Painters)

fontainefleurie said...

great blog you have - I saw your name on "today's title" and I see a very good friend Yvette as one of the followers. There is a lot to read and to learn. THe one with the doors is one of my favourite - I made some photo's on my last holiday in France. You can see some of my experiments on my creative blog Blesness says the wordverification- well I guess it is meant for you, Dorie

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

So, so beautiful - I mean both your pictures and you quilt.......... more please!