Thursday, 30 April 2009

Pixelated Seascapes

Thanks to Olga with her post on her trip to the seaside, Ian and I caught the train down to Bexhill on Tuesday for my Birthday Outing. It took about 2 hours with only a change at Clapham Junction :we had a walk along the beach ; a look at the Susan Collins exhibition; a delicious leisurely lunch of local produce and a bottle of Rioja overlooking the sea;another walk along the Prom and a final look at the exhibition before heading home. What a blissful way to spend what should have been a working day!
Although the large scale digital prints in the exhibition were intriguing (particularly those with odd coloured pixels where ships, birds etc had passed in front of the webcam), it was the 5 real-time projections set against a window with the seascape panorama behind that absorbed us. I've download one from the website but it's not quite the same without the backdrop. Visiting the exhibition twice, at midday and then around 4pm , made us much more aware of the nuances of colour depending on the direction of light and the weather conditions ( it was supposed to rain , but despite some clouds , it remained sunny all day). As soon as we got home I downloaded the photos I'd taken and had a go at using the 'Pixelate Mosaic' filter in Photoshop. Not quite the subtlety of those in the exhibition but worth exploring further.
Pixelated Cropped Image Bexhill 28/04/2009 15:18
Bexhill 28/04/2009 12:07

Bexhill 28/04/2009 15:52

Bexhill 28/04/2009 15:26

I'm thinking how these images could be interpreted in material - torn strips perhaps? These gorgeous dyed fabrics that arrived on Monday fit the bill perfectly ( a generous gift from Sandra for guessing the identity of her mystery photo correctly).


Colin and Gwen said...

In searching for textile artists in Scotland, I came across your pictures of Bexhill beach - that took me back a few years as I was brought up there and the pictures seemed very familiar. Now living at the seaside in Ayrshire, I have rather changed my allegiance and am currently working on a machine embroidered panel of a cross section of the landscape here, which is beautiful with the islands in the background. It was interesting seeing the colour variations of Bexhill and how you might develop it. Thanks

Julie said...

Thank you for the link to this exhibition Mags, I have bookmarked it. What a fascinating exhibition. It certainly makes you look at your seascape photographs in a different light and it will be fascinating to attempt something similar on our next coastal holiday.

The fabric you received certainly suggests landscape or skyscape.

Olga said...

Mags, I'm glad that you enjoyed your day in Bexhill. I particularly like your fourth photo with the distinct bands of colour.

yvette said...

this will become wonderfull

margaret said...

Belated happy birthday! That exhibition certainly does make you "see the light".