Monday 18 May 2009

May Journal Quilts

Both my Journal quilts for May have a sea theme. 'Bexhill Pixels' ( CQ 6 x 12 inch) is a souvenir of my birthday outing , based on photos manipulated in Photoshop inspired by the Susan Collins 'Seascape' installation at the De La Warr Pavilion, particularly the projection of images onto a window framed by real seascapes beyond.

Susan Collins: Stokes Bay 08-09-27 14.13

My favourite digital print at the exhibition (detail above) contained bright splashes of colour: "Pixel interventions where ships, yachts, people, birds, windsurfers etc pass in front of the camera when a pixel is being captured."

Using Neocolour II crayons, I ruled lines of colour on a used colour catcher, lightly sprayed with water to diffuse the colours then painted with acrylic medium to seal the surface. I found half a shirt from a charity shop (imitation ikat print from Mauritius), perfect for the background. Stitched with variagated threads by hand and machine. I was aiming for a less regular size to the hand stitches to indicate the pixels but it's so hard to be random! Back to the drawing board.
The indigo back (below) has possibilities.

The BQL Calendar Challenge for May was trapunto ( using an additional layer of wadding stitched behind the letters as stuffing) Following a workshop with Angie Hughes on lettering, I've used words from an August Strindberg quote in a couple of pieces so continued the theme using 'sea' and 'sky' in 'Jazztext' font size 400.

Having got carried away looking through my indigo stash for something suitably marine, I neglected to read the bit in the instructions about choosing PLAIN fabric. I tried to make the letters stand out a bit more with some FMQ and some hand seeding stitches but it's decidedly subtle. Only by taking photographs at a jaunty angle then cropping could I emphasise the shadows.
I'm afraid I'm just reverting to type - in our family we consistently applied the principle:
'If all else fails, read the instructions'.


The Hardy Quilters said...

I share the same philosophy!!!!!!!!! My excuse is the instructions might contain a mistake!!

indigocarole said...

They are both good, how could indigo dyed not be?!

Heather said...

I rather like that the letters are slightly obscured by the pattern on the fabric. It was very clever of you to make them less obvious!! The journal quilts are gorgeous.

The WestCountryBuddha said...

Do you know, I'd never thought to use this technique for lettering before...Doh! It looks really good and quite subtle!

Unknown said...

I like the subtlety of the lettering, much more interesting than if you had read the instructions!

jude said...

we both seem to be dealing with that quiet subtle line of visibility. i like seeing also the indigo in your work.