Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Razzle-Dazzle Transformation

I had a therapeutic evening yesterday firing bits of plastic into sequins to transform a piece of dyed papers started in Amanda Hislop workshop a few weeks ago(below). Embellishment isn't usually my thing but stitching wasn't enough and I wanted to test out my new toy!

This microstitch gun was the the 'must-have' gadget of the CQ summer school. Having seen it in action on pieces by tutor Karina Thompson, I had to have one. I bought one of the larger basting guns back from the US many years ago but it kept jamming and I went back to using safety pins - my favourites are the bright coloured anodised ones.

This gadget is much better behaved - the tacks are only 4mm and much softer and look like stamens in the 'flowers' of the sequins. There's also a lot of movement as the sequins are not as tightly secured as they would be with stitch.

Transformation was the theme of the BQL challenge this month with these twisted strips. I used 2 different scale black and white/cream wavy lines fabrics set into another black and white print. I decided the title of this should be 'Dazzled Zebra'

And continuing the 'dazzle' theme ,had a lovely day on Sunday with quilting friend Diane who was visiting from the US and brought these gorgeous beaded brooches for Sue and me . Only trouble is choosing which one to keep!


margaret said...

Lovely sequinned piece, so jolly! I'm finally going to order the tag gun - it's too much fun to attach sequins that way, and it might be useful for other things in contemporary quilting...

Kayla coo said...

I have never seen this stitching tool before, looks like great fun to use!

Jasmine said...

The microstitch gun looks like a lot of fun. I love it that you make your own sequins, yet another way of recycling!