Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Blame the new toy

What with gardening, a visit from Ian's parents, and being busy at work, not much time (or inclination) for creativity. But the main excuse  has been the arrival of my new mobile phone! Rather different from the basic model I've had for 12 years  which was going strong until it developed a crack in the casing, this one not only has a camera and MP3 player but is a touchscreen. Only a basic entry level but I've been enjoying searching for 'apps'. After seeing what 'Purple Podded Peas' achieved with a paint app, I've been having a look at what is available from ovi . You can't save what you produce with 'magic brush' but it's fun. Next step  working out how to upload photos directly onto facebook or blog.
I did  get my sewing machine out long enough to make it a cover (from the offcuts from this door quilt - acrylic paints make a good water resistant fabric! )
Sheila requested a look at my quilts this weekend. Happy to oblige, talking about the processes involved and the different projects on the boil got me inspired to do some more work on the 'childhood memories' challenge, sewing into sample from the back with fluorescent threads. Perhaps not suitable for all over but definitely worth pursuing. Must crack on, deadlines loom.


fabriquefantastique said...

Is there still hope for me in this digital age? well done

Linda said...

Phone to blog? Digital Gran has a post about bluetooth that I keep meaning to follow up because I hate wires :-)

lisette said...

LOVE the phone cover! i'm thinking of going touch phone too.

i'll be interested to see the childhood memories work - our next challenge quilt theme is self-portrait which i'm struggling with - maybe the challenge for me will be to make it positive!