Thursday, 3 March 2011

Old Boats

Taking photos of my older work (both quilts and paintings) I borrowed back this piece from Sue based on boats at Pinmill . It dates from 1999, the watercolour it was based on from 1997 (painted on a course with John Tookey at Flatford Mill - I also bought one of his paintings! ) . Still looks good to me - like Elizabeth Barton I sometimes question how much I've improved since!
This print of a boat,based on a sketch  at Topsham (Devon), is even earlier from 1985 when I went on a stone lithography printing course near Ulverston . I loved the process and the results but not something you can do at home!!!
Reviewing these and other older works I  have a renewed appreciation of my drawing skills which seem to have lapsed - I used to go on several painting courses a year and the benefit of continued practice shows.
I've also renewed my interest in old boats with my daily walk into work along the river Thames near Kew Bridge - I take  lots of photos of these houseboats and barges  with  water at different heights according to the tides. I really must take my sketchbook out.
Yesterday I found treasure along the towpath - this piece of wood with flaking paint which I've placed with  other 'finds' in the conservatory.  Just asking to be incorporated into an art work or at least a source of inspiration. My work colleagues were singularly unimpressed when I walked into the lab brandishing my trophy but were too polite to say so.


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lovely piece of wood. What a lot of courses you have taken. I envy you.