Sunday 5 June 2011

The World in Your Hands

The exercises in the first lesson of Elizabeth Barton's 'Working in a series' workshop at 'Quilt University' have had the desired effect in getting the thought processes moving and connection made.
Looking at favourite artists and their series of work and how they've worked the variations  I picked up a piece by Elspeth Owen I bought at the Hart Gallery nearly 20 years ago. A sphere of around 5 inches it has so many subtle colours and textures it feels as if you have a globe in your hands. It was number 74 of over a hundred such spheres and bowls and I remembered how they were laid across the gallery so you could see the transitions from one piece to another. I wonder where the others are and if their owners also have that sense of connection.
It was interesting to see Elspeth's website and the directions she's moved into - I would have loved to have seen 'Blue Moon' from 2004- a sinuous curve of pots representing the cycle of the moon.  In 2009 during a blue moon she slept outside  to discover something about the dark, about fear and about using her senses differently.


fabriquefantastique said...

as usual, interesting links

Alex said...

Mmmm, I covet that ceramic sphere! And the link was really thought-provoking too - pieces of studio pottery as elements of a bigger work of art as well as stand alone things of beauty.