Thursday, 18 August 2011

A different perspective

A visit to Tate Britain on the way to pick up my quilt from Greenwich:  a  view on the 20th century in Anish Kapoor's mirror (Peter Doig on the back wall); a revisit to Watercolour exhibition (Turner still my favourite); indigestion from the Vorticists; seeing old favourites in a new light in 'Restless Times'; an uplifting of spirits surrounded by the Cretan paintings of John Craxton. I'd been meaning to see this for a while after it was highlighted on the Culture Show but had forgotten it. Wonderful book now on the wishlist.
And an excellent quote: " But why explain pictures?No meal can be made more exciting by a running commentary analysis of the flavours. Everone has a different tongue. Pictures need no literary introduction. What they always need are open eyes and minds free from preconcieved ideas."

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lisette said...

what a fabulous quote! and lucky you seeing all that at the tate :)