Friday, 18 November 2011

Enlightenment and El Anatsui

I left work early on Wednesday to go the private view of latest exhibition  of ColourFX , hoping to go to the Grayson Perry exhibition at the British Museum on the way. I was initially diappointed that unfortunately  all the tickets were sold out but decided to have my own tour in search of the 'unknown craftman' via Sutton Hoo, flint knives and the Hans Soane collection of  artifacts in the bookcases that used to be the Kings Library now the 'Enlightenment Gallery'. After a quick trip through Mexico and North America (!)  I ended up in the African Galleries (Room 25)
The first thing you see on entering is a huge metal ' Man's Cloth' by  El Anatsui  made from discarded foil bottle-neck wrappers based on   the traditional narrow-strip woven silk cloth made in Ghana, a source of national pride.
 There was another piece by El Anatsui in wood which I don't remember seeing before. This was fantastic (although difficult to photograph). With grooves carved into wood, from different angles it appeared to ripple, like cloth in a breeze.
 On the way out via Montague Place , I popped into the Islamic galleries  - drawn in by the re-interpretation of an Iranian felt cloak covered in amulets by Bita Ghezelayagh  ( sorry to miss her exhibition at the Quilt Museum )

It was great to see so many people at the Framers Gallery and to  talk  with not only the artists themselves but to catch up with other 'viewers' . It was a lovely space and interesting work from everyone - hope it does well.  Ian came too - he particularly liked Alicia's maps and  has all kinds of ideas about how I might make something for him based on his military war game scenarios ! He'll be waiting a while....

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