Thursday, 22 December 2011

Orchid Swansong

Today I picked up my 6 copies of 'Growing Hardy Orchids' . It's a nice-looking colourful book but I'm not the  best  judge of its qualities, given its chequered history. I started editing it over 6 years ago following the success of Growing Orchids from Seed but the challenge of  multiple authors  combined with a period of deep unhappiness at work  led to it being called 'blasted book ' in this household for the angst it caused me.
Handing over reponsibility for the book resulting in a major rejig of its contents means I no longer  have a sense of ownership but that's not a  bad thing- I've moved onto far more interesting and fulfilling roles in my job. I'm just glad to see it out at last, my orchid swansong. Now I can move on.


lisette said...

well done - sounds like a good thing to get behind you. it looks reallly interesting too :)

Margaret Cooter said...

Congratulations - "to the making of many books there is no end" - and with this one, there is closure!