Friday, 4 May 2012

David Nash at Kew - Installation

 A couple of weeks ago the instillation  of the David Nash sculptures at Kew commenced, starting with the winching into position of 'Oculus Block 2010'  outside the Nash Conservatory . The components of 'Chinese Irons, 2010' look like they're queuing up to get in!

 I've been looking forward to this exhibition enormously - the talk by the artist to staff was very popular and he was a very informative and amusing speaker. Much  as I was inspired by  having the Chihuly and Henry Moore exhibitions here , this is of a different order, mainly because he's working on site producing new work.

It gives a whole new perspective - I'm even looking at the skips with a new eye! I haven't yet been down to the 'wood quarry' but will be doing so very soon.

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Olga said...

How exciting! We are looking forward to seeing the Nash work at Kew. How great for you being on the spot.