Monday, 10 September 2012

Bathroom Archaeology

When we moved into our present house we didn't do anything to the bathroom as while the pink tiles and ceramic seahorses weren't really our style, it was perfectly functional. However water leaking from the bath through the ceiling light in the kitchen (!)revealed that that the area around the plug was badly corroded. Lots of silicone sealant was used but only as a temporary measure, a new bath was needed. So we decided to bring forward the renovations we had in mind for a couple of years time.

 The plumbers started on Wednesday and they certainly don't hang about. When I left for work it looked as above but without the towels and boxes etc 
 When I came home, the bathroom (Tiles, flooring, toilet, basin, bath panel and screen ) was in the front garden, the door in my office, all that was left was literally the bath.
We went shopping in plumbing merchants on Thursday with lots of useful guidance  from the plumber - if we bought a slightly smaller basin we could fit in a ladder heated towel rail, what luxury!It's all  hopefully arriving today  and I won't miss traipsing to the loo in the conservatory in the middle of the night or brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink.However, I'm glad I took photos of  the paintwork underneath the tiles as it was  patched up and replastered by Friday! Yellow and red and bits of brown with leaves - could it even date back from when the house was built in 1910? I'm pleased to have seen a glimpse of the history of this house and to know it will  still be there underneath our new tiles.


Olga said...

The top photo could be a quilt!

Ineke said...

A quilt pattern?

magsramsay said...

My thoughts exactly!

Margaret Cooter said...

Such upheaval (ours took 6 weeks) - and SO worth it in the end!