Friday, 18 January 2013

Sketchbook Project 2013 completed

The lurgy continues! Just started second course of antibiotics and third week at home signed off as 'not fit to work' with ear and chest infection. I've been deaf in left ear for 10 days now and subtitled daytime tv has definately started to pall (although enjoying the new Father Brown  series).  
I did manage to get my Sketchbook  Project 2013 posted the day before the deadline although I had to simplify what I intended.  
At the Sketchbook Project 2012  tour at Canada Water Library , I'd admired a sketchbook which had a fold out orginal print in the centre. I have a number of stone lithographs, lino prints, monoprints and screenprints that I made in the past to choose from. I chose the ones that were on the thickest paper and cut them down to  7 x 10 inch sheets. I scanned in/photographed  some of the prints and played with them in Photoshop using 'invert' to get different colour patterns and printed them on the backs of the original prints. I chose the boat lithograph as the fold out centrefold and  put the other sheets together to make the most interesting combinations . I've called the sketchbook ' Print Mash-Up'
Original lithographs and screen prints  
Original prints above, Photoshop altered digital prints below,

Linocut original and Photoshop altered digital print  

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