Saturday 2 February 2013

Brussels Birthday Boy

To celebrate Ian's 50th Bithday, we're currently in Brussels. We've been enjoying  lovely food and drink, especially at La Villette where the staff stuck candles in his cheese platter and sung 'Happy Birthday'.
He was going around with a cheesy grin  as he got his wish and we spent most of the day at the Royal Army  Museum. We got chucked out at lunchtime when it closed so we went to the museum next door for a very nice lunch at 'Le Midi 50' before returning

Even I found some things to interest me: especially the early planes and balloons in the aviation section and it was a spectacular building.Most of all it's earned me loads of brownie points!!
Today it was my turn. After a brisk  walk around the Grand Place looking at the Guild Houses we headed for the Musee Royaux des Beaux Artes  where I particularly wanted , like Auden,  to see the Breugels.
Of course we've also been sampling a range of beers and chocolates - I could even be a convert to hot chocolate after tasting Ghana 85% at Frederic Blondeel in Place Ste-Catherine.

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Roberta Warshaw said...

Happy Birthday to him. Me too, today Feb 2nd!

Groundhogs day!