Monday, 1 April 2013

Bookwraps and QGBI AGM prep

 The last couple of days have mainly been spent sorting out my stuff for QGBI AGM in Nottingham next weekend. I've a busy few days at work this week  and a meeting in Kendal next Monday and as I'm catching the 6. 55 am train (!) to Nottingham on Friday for Uta Lenk Workshop  I need to make sure I'm pretty well packed by the end of today. There will be a collection point for Bookwraps  so I also wanted to  finish off  a few extras  I've made to hand over.
 Besides the ones I've already  shown, I made one from leftovers from  Abigail's 'Lego ' quilt  and a couple from a red  and white painted samples.

 I'm not sure I could part with the one I made from a hand quilted batik daisy   but having made   a couple of sketchbook covers (A5 and A6 ) for myself from offcuts of several projects, I'm prepared to let it go!

Thanks for all the interesting suggestions about what to call 'My World is Green' quilt entry. I ended up finding all kinds of quotes to do with doors  and settled on  ' Every Wall is  a Door' by Ralph Waldo Emerson which neatly summed up some of the discussions we had on retreat about obstacles being opportunities rather  than problems.  


Quilt or Dye said...

OH, that is a perfect quote!

Debbie said...

Love your book wraps, so much variety the daisies are my favourite

Sonja Milojevic said...

The book covers you made are absolutely gorgeous! I love them all!

Margaret Cooter said...

Some of the bookwraps are hard to let go of... I'm looking at your buttons and loops for inspiration!