Monday, 14 October 2013

Knit and Stitch

 Back from Weymouth and Ian came with me to Knit and Stitch at Ally Pally - lots to enjoy although there seemed to be far fewer galleries. It was very, very busy which was a bit overwhelming at times particularly having just been on a relaxing break! Some very interesting work in the graduate showcase, I bought this embroidered piece by Jan McGarry, intrigued by the shadows it cast.  I thought it would look good beside pieces by Gill Banks we have in the sitting room  and  it does .
The main reason I went was so I could  see the  work of Dorothy Caldwell and it blew me away even more than the work at FoQ a few years ago. Her pieces with  bold stitches with thick thread  coated with pigments from the Australian Outback were stunning. I particularly  wanted to see her work up close as I'm lucky enough to be doing a workshop with her at Masseria del Zingera next week!
 Of course I had to do a bit of shopping of supplies for this - the bags of scraps from Jo Lovelock in earthy colours will I'm sure be useful as will the  glace cotton threads from Empress Mills. And of course I had to buy some more fabric from Magie Relph - I can't get the depth of indigo in my won dyeing.
As we were leaving and taking a last look at Dorothy's work, I saw these wonderful handwoven  silk scarves  in the next booth(Tribal Heritage) . Had to buy an indigo one( well they were reduced being the end of the show)  , whether to wear or use with my other indigo fabrics not sure yet. Then talking to Dorothy again, she's also just succumbed.

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That must have been a marvelous day!