Tuesday 29 April 2014

The Island , monoprinting and Minotaurus Blood

Started sketching before breakfast, who could resist trying to capture the amazing sunrise! Then a boat trip to Spinalonga Island ( as featured in the the novel 'The island' ) -impressive Venetian fortifications and poignant reminders of the leper colony. 

After a fishy lunch of  sea bream, an afternoon of monprinting on paper,fabric and colourcatchers, making good use of the laundry facilities for an improvised print rack! I'm intending to put together a little book like I did in Puglia and Rydal

Dinner at home this evening, using the fairly basic cooking facilities to produce pasta and ratatoiulle with gorgeous local ingredients accompanied by a bottle of 'Minotaurus blood'wine -couldn't resist the label !Tho we're just as happy with the local 'wine from the  barrel' at 3.50 Euros for 1.5L ! 
'Ag Nik' by bus tomorrow. 

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