Monday, 13 October 2014

Highlights of Knit and Stitch Ally Pally

Liz Hammond - 'A Poplar  and the Moon' . E.A.S.T
  5 days of creative textiles! 1 day at Knit and Stitch, 3 at CQ  Winter School at Alston Hall  with Alice Fox ( more in another post) and a day at home catching up and putting some of what I learnt into practice.
The first thing  at Knit and Stitch was 'Between the lines' by East Anglian Stitch Textiles - I was interested in how the faux chenille/ slashing  was used in Liz Hammond's piece.

 I liked how  the shadows  were integral to Jo Beattie's 'Precious memories' embroideries.
 Among the quilts on show as part of Zero 3 'signature' I particularly liked Cindy Kearney's 2 pieces

  Good to see the second part of  Prism's Coded, Decoded - once again it was the work of Consuela Simpson that caught  my eye and the graphic qualities of Alice Fox's black and white pieces so different to her tide marks.
 I treated myself to lunch in the Londesborough room, and then after a bit of retail therapy ( fabric from C2C and African Fabric Shop, linen threads from Empress Mills ) before a 2 hour workshop with James Hunting 'Transfer a drawing to cloth using couture techniques'. The method he uses (  drawing on silk organza  which is then stitched through) I probably wouldn't use  but the explanation was clear and he gave lots of tips for hand stitching. Most of all it was a fascinating glimpse into his working methods - lots of pieces and samples to look at in detail. The way he builds up couched lines to make interesting marks and suggestions of shapes  and leaves his tacking in to give glimpses of colour  produce such rich results.

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