Tuesday 18 November 2014

Leaving Kew

On Friday I received official confirmation that my application for Voluntary Redundancy from  the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew  had been approved.  So with 3 months notice, I will be leaving on Friday 13 February 2015 after nearly 25 years  working there.
There have been difficult times and changes  but none so much as now. I've worked on some incredible projects , particularly on orchids , bryophytes and ferns  and with some  amazing people. I'm proud of my science publications, my books  and my involvement in teaching and training.
I'm not sure what lies ahead apart from downsizing  and moving to Faversham  although I'm looking at reviving my rather rusty botanical survey skills through MMU/FSC courses and fitting in some more time for stitching and painting. Then I need to find another job.


Olga Norris said...

Twenty five years is a good stint! I'm not surprised that you feel a wrench already. But it seems that you have been good for Kew as much as Kew for you, so I feel certain that you will go on to more great things - not least exploring your new home area, setting up a new studio, and generally enjoying a fresh perspective. Good luck!

Pippa Moss - Welsh Quilts said...

I hope that all goes well with your transition. I had much the same ten years ago..its been a bit of a roller coaster ride! And I have managed to find alternative self employed work...no salary, though! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

In no time at all, you will wonder how you ever found time to go to work. Enjoy the last 3 months.

Best wishes