Thursday 22 January 2015

International Threads Quilts - There, Almost There and Getting There

Thanks for all your useful input both  as comments and personal emails  when I posed the question  a few weeks ago of whether  I should include the scaffolding pole in my Anavriti Door  quilt for 'International Threads'.  The consensus was to include it but there were some  questions about whether it was too dark and also  its position. So in the end I moved it over to the left so the spacing wasn't so even and chose a lighter  blue/green colour. It now  quilted  and bound with its sleeve on and I've moved on to working on a couple of others . 

I haven't decided yet whether this will be my 'lines' or 'blue' contribution. It's made up of 2  pieces of  indigo arashi shibori - the bottom layer (below detail)  is silk noile machine quilted with heavy quilting thread so it has a fairly marked relief. This layer has now been bound down the sides to the correct width  of 40cm (for once!) 

The top layer  is  silk chiffon  - I just have to hand roll the hems like I did for my 'dislocation' piece  and then decide whether I attach it at top or bottom or just at the top. I rather liked the additional ripples and waves you get when it's hanging free  but how well it will travel is another matter.
It might be a case of catching it down in strategic places but wouldn't want to lose the almost 3d effect ( so much better in person than in a photo)

And I finally think I'm getting somewhere with my red  daub fingerprinted and dribbled (?) red quilt - I strengthened some areas . I think I'll probably bind  it this weekend and then decide if its needs anything else.  If I'm satisfied then this will be my 'repetition' quilt.   Meanwhile I've just started resuming stitching on the '  shore marks' quilt  - both Ian and I had rather nasty bugs   at the beginning of the new year ( colds turning into bronchitis) and only just getting over them.

Only 3  more weeks left at Kew -eek! 

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Heather said...

Everything is coming along so beautifully. You have such a painterly approach. And that shibori piece is quite something - I would love to see it in "real life"!