Sunday, 16 August 2015

Quilts I liked at FoQ

 After  3 days ecodyeing at Festival of Quilts, I seemed to spend most of the  remaining  2 days talking to people I met  and   took surprisingly few photos. The quilt I wished I'd made/  would like to have taken home  was La Houle Bleue  by Ann Worringer  in the ' Diversity in Europe' Gallery. I nearly missed it as  most of the other quilts around it did not entice me in.
The   2 gallery's  I enjoyed most   were  Christine Chester's ' Fragility of memory' with it's excellent poignant use of the disintegrating surfaces of paper lamination and the varied  and original work in the 'Through Your Hands'   Maker-Making-Made. I was too absorbed in the work to take photos in either gallery   apart from the keys of Susan Lenz  (  who gave very interesting lecture - nice to meet her again) 

For the rest of the galleries and the competition quilts, looking through my photos it's obvious that the eco-dying  and  thinking how I might use them for my Cwilt Cmyru 'Cynefin'  pieces influenced my choices. They all seem to be  either about marks (particularly breakdown printing)  or green/plant related!

 In Fine Art Quilt Masters, I liked the pieces by Audrey Critchley and Leah Higgins ( above) and in CQ 'Elements' the colours of Liesbeth Williams ( below)
 The  Crossing Oceans 'Nature' gallery was a bit  tucked way but a rewarding find  - the   several variations of printed and stitched olive trees by Dijanne Cevaal  glowed.

   Competition quilt favrourites:  green quilts by Kate Dowty ( above) and Uta Lenk (below)

 Interpretations of grasslands by Pia Puonti ( above) and Sandra  Grusd ( below)

    Vibrant  monoprints  by Paula Rafferty ( above) and  Sinead Smith ( below)
I didn't have anything in the show this year  -  if I'd had a piece in the Art Quilt  section as usual I would have been gutted by how they were displayed, it was so dark.

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Julie said...

You're right about the area the Art Quilts were in Mags. It was really awful and I did have one in that section. The NEC's not the perfect venue so it seems someone has to suffer each year and this year it was our turn. Disappointing though. You and I took almost the same shot of Liesbeth's quilt :-) I missed some of the stands you've photographed so thank you for posting then here.