Thursday, 24 March 2016

Getting started again : On the Edge

Had a lovely day on Tuesday - Sue came to visit , the first time since she and Peter helped us move in December.  We had coffees that merged into lunch at The Yard while we caught up ,  then after a visit to Creek Creative, we  headed back to the house  to  see what progress we'd  made. Lots of good advice and suggestions about design walls and shelving in my studio  and  bit of tweaking of some fabrics marinating on cork boards got me thinking again about entry for CQ latest exhibition 'On the Edge'.
Seeing what  Margaret Cooter has been up to  plus discussions online on the CQ Yahoo group ( with an extension  to the deadline!)  has opened up the possibility that I might actually  have a go.

I'm using the sections of 2 very tatty old red and white quilts  that  I over-dyed with indigo  ( and re-appraised  after I'd been to the Simon Calley exhibition )  and I think I've solved how I can show both sides and showcase the lovely raggy edges.  It  shares some characteristics  with the 'Cwilt Cymru ' Red Fragments piece I made a couple of years ago ( below)  but without the paint! I've put together a  sample JQ ( top) to work out how to stitch it .
Regardless  of whether I   manage to finish it in time for entry ( or whether it's accepted), it's great to have excitement and motivation back again. Meanwhile I'm still stitching my second 'Cynefin'  quilt.   

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