Sunday, 10 April 2016

An inspiring day out

 Yesterday I spent the day in  Vauxhall  at the  annual CQ meeting - lovely to catch up with so many friends  and the talk  by Ruth Issett  about her latest work , the way she's interpreting the landscape round her home in layered dyed organdies ,was so inspiring.   Afterwards , Sue, Robbie, Chrissie and I headed off in search of the Newport Street Gallery  (  noticing interesting scaffolding and llamas at the City Farm along the way!)  . Amazing space to  display paintings by John Hoyland  - while there were  a few interesting  pieces , I tend to agree with the reviews  that other artists have done it better.  It did however act as a reminder to look again at the work of Callum Innes whose  paintings I so enjoyed in Edinburgh
 I've been sitting on the train a lot this week  with visits to the  British Museum (Tuesday drawing) and stewarding the Contemporary Quilt stand at ExCel  but have been using the time productively finishing my latest journal quilts. Other passengers are  interested but bemused as to why I'm  stitching on such very ragged  cloths ( I can hear them thinking ' but what's it for?') . There was a more enthusiastic response to the display of 2015 Journal Quilts at ExCel, great to see so many diverse ideas in the flesh rather than as photos on the Yahoo group  and a lot of people were inspired to   have a go themselves.

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