Wednesday 27 July 2016

Summer Exhibition at RA : Paintings

113 Terry Setch  RA
  An  expedition up to town  yesterday  to drop  off my quilt entries for  the Festival of Quilts to Upper Street Events offices then to the Royal Academy for the Summer Exhibition.  I've recently got  a new Windows phone and   besides taking my usual notes in my sketchbook of what I like and marking the numbers off in the List of Works, I became one of those sad people taking photos with my phone. Only as an aide memoire -  this year the RA have a wonderful app with  a searchable  list (Summer Exhibition Explorer ) of all the works on  display ( a by- product of online entries)  and  the train journey home sped by in an instance ( as did my phone battery....)   These are some of the paintings that caught my eye, starting with Academicians. I've given the  catalogue numbers so you can search for yourselves.
Looking at what I've chosen, it's clear  what influence my recent City Lit course has had - they are  mostly very much about the paint itself ; multiple layered, sometimes with glimpses of  unexpected base colours showing through; a  sense of space. Sometimes it's difficult to work out what's going on , many of them are simplified coastal scenes/landscapes. Most of all,  work  to aspire to , how I'd like to  paint. Enjoy!!   
849 Sonia Lawson RA

 50 Mick Moon  RA

70 Frank Bowling RA

71 Sean Scully RA

89 Jennifer Durrant RA

95 Anthony Whishaw RA

 107 Anthony Whishaw RA

863 Karl Bielik

77 Jannette Kerr

165 Peter Arscott

166 Karolina Gacke

187 Nicholas Blanning

194 Sophie Beddingham Smith

195 Joan Doerr

207 Mark Rochester

215 Dick Hewitson

238 Sandra Beccarrelli

 ( Sandra was  imaginative evening class tutor in Brentford , so pleased to see her work chosen. )
411 Mhairi McGregor

414 Vanessa Gardner

416 Jane Cordery

434 Nicholas Bush

450 Julian Sutherland-Beatson

463 Frances Hatch

482 Georgia Mason

492 Paul Fowler
( Faversham painter of local  area ,  work seen in Beaney in Canterbury)

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