Friday, 27 January 2017

Dress to Impress

 A week ago ( Friday 20th)  we were at Adam and Kate's 30th Wedding Anniversary party at the  Honourable Artillery Company, Armoury House .  The invitation said 'dress to impress' so  I wore the silk velvet jacket I made over 20 years ago and the Syrian silk scarf I bought in Aleppo in 2000.  I  haven't really worn it much   partly because it's very large but also the tassels were rather tatty. I've now removed these and look forward to wearing it more often.  It was also appropriate for the event as Adam and Kate have special memories of the  trip they took to Syria  with their children  when they were small and the  kindness and hospitality they met on their travels.    The Aleppo I knew no longer exists, I feel so sad  wondering what happened to the lovely people I met.
 Ian was 'toastmaster' giving an excellent speech (  he introduced them to each other while they were all students at SOAS )

 It was a privilege to look round the building and the small museum had been opened specially for us.
Some fascinating sketchbooks in the 1914-18  display showing  intricate drawings of terrain and topography.

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