Sunday, 14 May 2017

Painting in the Garden Studio

When the  easel in the kitchen studio isn't big enough, move out to the garden studio!!
I was  first inspired to paint outside on a larger scale after seeing Katherine Holmes  and Susan  Gray  demonstrate it on FSC painting courses; watching a video of Kurt Jackson in action; and   had a go myself  on 'Painting Promentary in Weymouth

Rather than wrapping  my section of gessoed antique quilt around  1 drawing board  which is my usual practice , I spread it over 2 boards supported by the 'garden easels', leaning against the fence

 The light was great  with no direct sun on the painting  and with not having to worry about splashes on the floor  I had a fine time dribbling and flicking paint around  to create the first layer

 Ian even shot a video.... ( posted on Facebook, I need to work out how to put it on YouTube.
 Tomorrow ,once it's dried I'll be  adding fabric layers and stitch  with more controlled  and impasto  painting  at a later stage.

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Pheasant Run Studio said...

Dear Mags, It was 3:30 this am & I switched on the TV to the PBS station. Could that be Mags Ramsay on the screen? I did a double take. Yes, it was you demonstrating orchid techniques at Kew Gardens? The program was on orchids.
I have unofficially followed your blog for 6+ yrs. Why? What you post interests me and I love England.
I was very jealous hearing about your trip to the David Hockney Retrospective. My opinion: David Hockney is the greatest living artist. I wanted to jump on a plane & come right over "the pond" to see it...but.
Fellow artist,
Alex True