Thursday, 13 July 2017

Drawing Tuesday: Camley Street Natural Park and Kings Place

I see the outside of Camley Street Natural Park  every time I come into St Pancras  train station  ( my main entry point  into London from Faversham)  so  as this weeks 'Drawing Tuesday' venue was at Kings Place, it seemed the perfect opportunity to explore. It really is an oasis of green between the railway tracks and Regents Canal.   I did a quick sketch of the juxtaposition of cranes and gasometers with the  lush green vegetation ( watched by a very tame robin) before the rain started   but I was enchanted by these figures produced by a  visiting school group.

 A lot of the area around Kings Cross is  still a construction site, with conversions of gasometers and development of the 'Coal Drops Yard'
Granary Square with it's fountains  is  very popular with children  and the  Regent's Canal has a lot of quirky boats, a shame this 'bookbarge' wasn't open.

 The Pangolin Gallery at Kings Place was closed  too but still lots of sculptures around to enjoy.  With half an hour before lunch ,  I  had a go at 'Perpetual Red' by Merete Rasmussen  in coloured biros, yet another Mobius  strip, it's becoming a bit of a theme at the moment!

  And afterwards , a quick look round the exhibition of self portraits, I particularly liked these based on a palette  and paintbox.

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