Monday, 7 August 2017

Ecoprint Experiments at Home

Please bear with me in regards to random order of photos, I'm attempting to blog from my tablet for the first time ! In anticipation of repeating 3day ecoprint masterclass of 2 years ago and inspired by Alice Fox course in Eastbourne, I've been gathering leaves to dry in my herbarium plant press (from Ian's parents garden,Abbey Community Physic Garden and Faversham Police Station(!) and trying out electric veg steamer. Little books drawn while stewarding "Open House" venues worked very well, fabric less so, not helped by pipes distorting in the steam but finally cracked it thanks to the wonderful staff at M&B supplies who kept cutting me lengths to try out. Final collecting of fresh material this morning from the rec and  Cotinus from the grounds of the care home....Time for bed in anticipation of tomorrow.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

You may have already done this but check your text settings. The type is very small (and I'm reading it on a 17" screen) and the paragraph setting appears to be centered as apposed to flush left or I forget what it is called when it spreads the type to be even on both left and right (my preferred setting.).

The pictures are sure teasers! Are you eco-printing on paper here? I like the look.