Wednesday 6 December 2017

Contemporary Painting Studio Week 8 : Some things work, others don't

Mixed success in session 8 of Contemporary Painting Studio at City  Lit, only 2 more sessions left and the pressure is on.
 I started by cutting down my  huge newspaper collage to a square format  ( the offcut providing a test surface for  samples of paint marks , above)  and  taped it up on the screen with  my efforts from previous weeks on boards. 

I then took a sharp intake of  breath and  painted on the large piece -  a very different experience painting on a textured surface to a smooth one, detail below.

I  wasn't sure about  it so leaving  it to dry, I completed the small canvas I started a few weeks ago, making corrections that I'd worked  out by using photocopies. I'm pleased with it now, it has a real sense of space and mystery. 

The intermediate one however was not going well, if anything I'd made it even worse! 

Some application of inks  after a talk with Lucinda  and it's beginning to look better

We discussed the difficulties in scaling up -  how the large pieces were not yet working as the direction and dynamics of the lines are not in the same relationship as the smaller (successful )  collages where the space really works well. 
She suggested I look at the work of Diana Taylor ( below)  where industrial/ technical drawing of lines etc  can provide contrast with larger marks to give a suggestion of space. 

Next time the suggestion is to blow-up size of newspaper/collage materials as well as the mark.

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