Friday, 18 January 2019

30 Day Sketchbook 19 continued

Day 18: 'Trees'

   I'm really enjoying  the prompts  for the 30 day sketchbook challenge and have been keeping up, even today ( above)  with a plumbing emergency  with water  pouring through 2  ceilings from a leaking shower, it was a welcome distraction.   Working small ( A6) helps  and I've been spending about 15- 20 minutes, a bit  more if I've been getting into it .    
Day 10: 'Red' 
Day 11: 'Furniture'

Day 12 : 'Botanical Study' 
  Drawing  a  sprig of shrub  from the garden reminded  me of  the beautiful  carved frame my paternal grandfather  made  inspired by  ' copybook'  drawing manuals , he was a pattern maker on the Glasgow shipyards and a gardener. The photo is of my grandmother ( who sadly died when my Dad was just 13) - you ca see where I get some of my curly hair genes from !

Day 13: 'Books' 
 My favourite - represents about a 3rd of my collection ' There's no such thing as too many book'
Day 14: ' Something beginning with R' 

Day 15: ' Your Art Materials'
Day 16 : ' Something Hot' 
( on the Facebook page this generated a  large amount of 'likes' and comments, or should that be steam...) 
Day 17: 'Something Cold' 
 Not inspired  and  only spent 10 minutes on this  but it's important to  do it anyway. 

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