Sunday 6 April 2008


Well I know that snow was forecast (one of those multi-purpose weather symbols that could encompass most conditions) but it still came as a surprise. It's intriguing how the snow unifies various elements such as the conservatory, tool shed roof and next doors awning, to transform the view from the mundane.

Not sure how far I'll progress with the acrylic overpainting today on my Thin Blue Line piece as the white blanket on the conservatory roof rather blocks the light. It's beginning to melt (interesting patterns to enhance with Photoshop ) so may get the opportunity later.

I ventured outdoors armed with umbrella, the snow makes even the ugly crazy paving attractive . " I don't suppose you took the compost out?"says Ian with a sigh.
I looked for our resident robin in the Kerria japonica thicket but he was quiet for once ( I'm used to getting a ticking-off whenever I hack back some of his habitat)

What a difference from Friday when I walked around at lunchtime in shirtsleeves! I 'd taken my camera to work to take pictures of the dismantling of the Henry Moore exhibition ( more about that in another post) when I came across a skip behind 'Climbers and Creepers' containing huge quantities of discarded children's artwork. I dashed back to the lab to get a pair of scissors to cut off a selection, much to the amusement of my staff.
It looks as if it is poster paint (now very powdery) applied with feet, hands, etc to very large pieces of calico (I couldn't unwrap most of it , just some pieces from the edges). I prefer the backs in most cases where the colour has partially seeped through.
The question is now having rescued it, what to do with it? I was thinking of washing some of it to see if some of the stain remains but wondered how I could stabilise the paint?


Linda B. said...

Hairspray was my clasroom standby for 'fixing' powder paint, but it may well flake off anyway, leaving a pale residue of the original colour.

neki desu said...

try painting it with Golden soft gel medium.

neki desu