Monday, 3 March 2008

Take it Further March

The concept for this months TIF challenge is 'the little things , the small moments , the details in life' which appeals to me rather more than the colour palette (particularly as the colours on the screen were difficult to reproduce in printing )
I thought initially of all the small plants I work with and views down the microscope which has been a source of inspiration for many pieces. The 'bryophyte' quilt below was made as a leaving present for a member of staff who worked on mosses, based on photographs manipulated in Photoshop
One of the photos used was of an aseptic culture of the threatened moss Orthodontium gracile

Now you might think that the images below, manipulated in Photoshop, are also botanical in basis. Wrong! I was looking through some photo files for something else when I came across some pictures I took of my husbands chest hair! I have his permission to share them with you but I won't embarrass him by showing the original photos - these have had multiple filters (including swirl, cutout, find edges) and colour balance/hue/ saturation adjustments applied.

At one time, my work was my life ( with a bit of quilting on the side) and I suffered as a result. I was just thinking that in choosing an observation of my husband as inspiration, in preference to a plant, that this reflects a healthier work/life balance. And just as beautiful.


fiona d said...

wow - beautiful indeed - both the digital manipulations and the thought behind them

Sue said...

Margaret, you are becoming quite a romantic in your 'middle' age! Good for you girl. I love the colours and the idea too. Your blog actually made me laugh!