Saturday, 24 May 2008

Greek Grill Displacement

One of the pleasures in returning to the same place on holiday is revisiting old friends like this wonderful metal grill in front of a peeling wooden shutter. Despite the building work that's going on in Paralio Astros ( mainly new apartments for visiting Athenians), most of the crumbly doors I revere are still intact. I've used this grill as source material for several pieces including my October 2003 Journal quilt ( when I'd first made its acqaintance)
I was inspired to return to it to play with ' displacement' filter on Photoshop following Maggie's excellent instructions. I saved a pattern of the grill (with enhanced contrast) as a psd file to act as displacement map
I then played around with it applying to many types of images from the same trip :flowers, sky, landscapes but liked the effect best when applied to the original image of the grill.
I like it even more with the colour saturation increased.
Lots of possibilities, perhaps building up layers in organzas?

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neki desu said...

Beautiful door.
Have you tried manipulating it with PS actions? You can get incredibly useful effects, i tend to favor them more than just filters. Here's a link for starters(it's safe, you can download anything)
This is provided you're not using Elements :(

neki desu