Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Working Through Ideas II

Another productive day - I posted off 'Gythion Glow' for the Contemporary Quilt 'Thin Blue Line' and entry forms for 2 quilts for the Festival of Quilts. One piece is near completion , the other is in the planning stages: I spent a happy morning printing photos and doing several sketches and watercolour studies. The idea or concept and planning what I'm going to do are always the most difficult and time consuming (but fun !) part, the execution is usually much quicker and straight forward. There was much chewing of pencil while filling in the entry form - first of all what category? I'd orginally received a form for 'Pictorial' but as it will probably end up quite abstract, I thought 'contemporary ' was more appropriate and printed off that form from the website. Then what size? I learnt my lesson from 'Strindberg Shore' which while it had impact took a long time to do. I've done several pieces 80-90cm square so settled for that - it's big enough to have a variety of scale of stitching but achievable.
The inspiration is the Town Beach at Paralio Astros - when we were collecting orange coloured stones for our 'World Beach Project' starfish, there had been a storm the day before and the patterns of seaweed , and the banks of sand and stones were fantastic - the next day they'd all gone (along with our artwork!)
I've added to my collection of 'Inktense' pencils - I particularly like the new ' brown madder' one , perfect for seaweed. My favourite mug has been relegated to pencil holder as it very soon developed a crack. It's a very large china one with the text " I am not awake yet, don't even think about talking to me". I'm not a morning person ( at least until I've had my coffee)

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