Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Honesty Resolved

Thank you so much for all your comments, it really helped me to work out where I was going with this piece. I took on board the thoughts on simplicity but as I consider it a sampler of techniques, decided to attach the organza layer to see what would happen. To get round the problems of integration, I sewed round the shapes with the metallic thread and then cut back the excess organza with a pair of fine applique scissors I'd forgotten I had. The tension of my machine stitching needs some attention but I actually quite like the bubbly effect of the bobbin thread showing through ( not sure the quilt police would be convinced! )
I rather like the overall effect, I think it conveys the luminosity and transparency of honesty seeds. I've got another couple of samples on the go , testing out ideas and paint techniques . And yes Hilary, I do intend to do a far larger piece.What inspired me in the first place were the Vigil and Temple Paintings of Ian McKeever . These paintings have been my favourites from last couple of RA Summer Exhibitions.



Wow, this is another wonderful piece. I like the organza - the way it has been cut away around the honesty is exactly right to add that bit extra to the piece. It's kept the clear lines but has added another dimension and interest and brings the focus into the middle. Brill.

strawbs said...

Mags, those pictures by Ian McKeever open up all sorts of possibilities - I can see small insects growing sinside eggs. I also visited a rather unusual and good exhibition at Bath Abbey recently when the artist had used the symbol of a white circle in various sizes and tranparencies as the symbol of Christ in her textiles.

McKeever is obviously inspired by light (quickly skimming through the blurb and various references) and I see he lives down here in Dorset.

Bid door opening here. Hilary

neki desu said...

never mind the quilt police. it's fab!
thanks for the link to ian mckiveer.

neki desu

Helen Suzanne said...

oo i do like your piece here Mags. Honesty is such a beautiful plant and you've caught it perfectly.
I actually found some old stems of it that had fallen behind boxes ages ago. I think I'll use it in some handmade papers this evening before any more falls to bits.

Ruth said...

Perfect resolution to the problem. I like the way it looks now with the excess fabric cut away.

Eva said...

Yes, a very good solution. Because the edges of the rectangle piece were the most disturbing part, and they are gone, and the transpanrence is well integrated.

MixPix said...

Wow! Such a beautiful resolution - I love this piece with all its transparency, complexity, simplicity - and honesty!