Sunday, 30 November 2008

Recycled Fire - November TIF

This months 'Take It further Challenge' was to use typography as inspiration for a piece. I'm not a huge fan of lettering but I'd used print blocks in making my 'Sea, Sky, Fire, Stone' piece for the 'elemental' theme at Festival of Quilts, finishing off a quilt I'd started in an Angie Hughes workshop as part of Contemporary Quilt Summer School. As is often the way, I got carried away with my print blocks, producing far more than I needed. So for the TIF challenge, I used up some of the strips of fabric and organza I'd printed with 'Fire' layered and applied to a background of 70's furnishing fabric unearthed in the sort of the boxes in the cellar . The wadding and backing were salvaged from failed projects so everything in this piece has been recycled.
It's fairly crudely and quickly done ( well it is the last day of the month!) but sometimes that's no bad thing.

I've enjoyed the 'Take it Further Challenge' not only for trying out ideas and colour schemes I might not have gone for but also to see the varied results that others produced using the same themes. I won't be joining in next years challenge as it is stitch rather than design based. I'll just have to set challenges for myself ( I'll probably still be doing 2 Journal Quilts per month ) but I'll miss the shared endeavour.


Guzzisue said...

Hi, Nice to see your finished piece, well done!any idea how many people are still taking this challenge? There have been suggestions about a few of us continuing for next year - will keep you posted if you are interested.

Magpie Sue said...

I really like what you've produced by recycling your UFO's and leftovers. And you kept to the theme as well - well done!

I don't think I'll be officially participating in Sharon's challenges next year either, for the same reason you gave. My problem is that I'm lousy at giving myself challenges and then fulfilling them. I seem to need a certain amount of external stimulation and accountability.

Aussie Jo said...

I love the colours, and the printed organza is great.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I too was disappointed with next year's challenge theme since I'm not primarily a stitcher/embroiderer. Not that I kept up with TIF but it HAS been the impetus to flesh out some ideas I'd been sitting on and try a few new ones. I still mean to work on the ones I've missed or not finished yet too, so I guess I have plenty to keep me busy into next year anyway. ;-)

BTW, there's a little surprise for you over on my blog.

Lee said...

I agree - the community of challengers is part of what made the project so interesting to me.

I am thinking about continuing the challenge into the next year, and I'd love to have company. The Flickr group and the Take It Further blog could be used to keep us together and informed.