Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Another colour wheel

Another colour wheel, this time in Golden Fluid Acrylics. I haven't used them much but I can see why they're popular - they're so pigmented, a drop goes a long long way!

Having finished my 'breakthrough' piece at the beginning of Novemember , I signed up for 'Art Every Day Month'. I know from my Journal quilts that quantity can indeed lead to quality, even if some of the the efforts along the way are trivial or abysmal so I've been content to attempt something , even if its' just 20 minutes doing a colour wheel. It all adds up - at the weekend I'll post what I've done so far.


JulieJordanScott said...

love the concept of quantity leading to quality. Creating, the act, leads to quality.


Julie Ann Shahin said...

I remember having to do this in college.

I found some of the fluid acrylics on clearance last week at Michaels! I have only used the white so far but aren't they awesome?

Have a great day!

CorazonArt said...

I also like that notion... quantity...leads to quality.

Meredith said...

A little bit at a time; right?

Actually, although it's not officially considered "art", I really could stare at the pretty color wheel and enjoy that for some moments :) (Maybe I'm a goof...)

Rebecca Stees said...

Here's some colorwheel clowns....