Thursday, 31 December 2009

Tunisian Berber Textiles

Back from 12 days touring around Tunisia with Explore. Lots of Roman remains (and spectacular mosaics) contrasted with mosques, desert oases and camels. As anticipated, lots of wonderful doors too (took over a hundred photos!). Meanwhile I'll start with some textiles. Tamazret is small berber village in the South (unlike Morocco , they are in a tiny minority). We visited a small museum with an enthusiastic curator who explained the various traditions . There were local textiles displayed including this traditional scarf (bakhnough). It looked knitted rather than woven (now I'm wondering whether it is Tunisian crochet?). In trying to ask about it in French , I asked 'combien' and found it was for sale ,bought it and had it tied around my head in traditional manner
Several people were rather envious as they hadn't realised anything other than some handmade necklaces were for sale.
There was a recreation of a traditional marriage room (complete with bride) . In Tozeur, Ian and I were dressed up in marriage clothes in the small museum there - I'm still debating whether you really want to see that!
I wish this gorgeous dyed cloth had been for sale...


Susan Briscoe said...

LOL, yes, I'd like to see the dressing up!

The scarf is really interesting. It looks like sprang netting. Any more pics?

Happy New Year!

yvette said...

happy new year and thanks for sharing tunesia