Friday, 1 January 2010

Weaving in Kairouan

In the medina in Kairouan we managed to avoid the carpet sellers but was pleased to see some weavers still in action making the traditional fine black or brown wool lengths of cloth as well as more colorful acrylic pieces- appealing to a modern audience. The spinning wheels are made of bicycle parts!

There were several pieces being stretched to size, blocking the alleys.

There were several stall selling drums, tambourines and sieves(for couscous)


Sue said...

Did you purchase any? Glad you had such a good holiday. Looking forward to seeing more photos.

Helen Suzanne said...

looks like you've had a wonderful trip. I do like your new knitted (head) scarf :))

all the best to you for a very happy and creative new year Mags

Lizzie said...

I've only had one trip to North Africa but your photographs bring back the experience! Thinking about going to Marrakesch with a friend who wants to buy leather. Trying to see when I can fit it in.

margaret said...

New parts meet old designs in those spinning wheels - and the method of stretching the fabric looks interesting!