Saturday, 30 January 2010

More Rhythmic Lines

This weeks explorations in my drawing class continued on from last weeks look at rhythmic lines and patterns but this time with colour. We had a selection of vegetables to chose from ( who could guess at the beauty of a cross section of a leek in all its yellowy green glory ) but predictably I went for the purple!
Tried a number of different techniques - with watercolour pencil and watercolour above.

My favourites tho' involved using a wax candle to draw with and then laying watercolour over the top. Drawing with the candle over coloured washes (below) was particularly effective.


sandra wyman said...

Enjoying following your drawing classes, Especially love the effect of wax over pale colour.

JP said...

I just love these marks - purple really does it for me

margaret said...

Ah, the magic of wax! (And of vegetables...)