Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Thanks to Susan who suggested (correctly) that my Berber scarf was not knitted or woven but sprang, I've been on an interesting diversion to find out more about this technique.
Some of the features of the scarf that indicate it's sprang , apart from it's texture are the loops at each end and its mirror image.
The centre (pictured above) has the the threads doubled in a different 'stitch' and a characteristic 'seam' to prevent it unravelling.
Difficult to take a picture of the whole thing given its length but I did my best( above)
Final confirmation on page 139 of John Gillow's excellent African Textiles with an illustration of a 'Berber women's headband of woollen sprang'

I've just noticed that this is my 200th post! Thanks for your continued readership and comments.


neki desu said...

also check out peter collingwood's book on sprang. if i recall he was the one who introduced western fiberists to the technique.
gorgeous scarf btw!.

Sue said...

Happy 200th birthday hug. Well done for keeping going and for having interesting things to share. That cannot be said of all blogs!

Linda said...

Happy blogiversary!