Tuesday, 5 January 2010

El Djem

At home with a streaming cold, it's good to remember the warmth of the sun at the extraordinary amphitheatre at El Djem ( finer than the Colusseum in Rome with capacity of 43,000). Following an excellent lunch of lamb brochette with a grandstand view, we divided responsibilities , with Ian going on the guided tour while I sat and sketched. Quite a contrast to a cold start in Kairouan when I'd wished I'd worn my thermals.Now where was my sunhat when I needed it?! First real outing for the watercolours and my hand-stitched journal , I decided to launch straight in with a big brush.

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Deborah said...

you have such a great eye! these buildingss and the Tunisian doors below are beautifully photographed. There is always something marvelous on your blog!