Monday, 12 July 2010

Roesel's Bush Cricket

Not a game but a creature taking refuge from the garden on Ian's sunhat drying in the conservatory. Poor Jiminy has lost a leg so don't know how well it survived once re-housed in the vines. Apart from establishing it was a bush cricket rather than a grasshopper (those long antennae are the giveaway) don't know who she is.
Having a weekend at home with no engagements, the garden got some attention - chopping down the Philadelphus at the bottom of the garden to place compost bin no5 and training the vine over the arch covering our G&T bench. First Pimms of the season to celebrate the last of potatoes being unearthed (tasty)

UPDATE - a bit of 'Googling' has revealed that most likely it is a Roesel's Bush Cricket - with longer wings associated with warmer weather to aid migration.

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