Thursday, 15 July 2010

July JQ: 9 Part Indigo Wave

Apart from dyeing lots of luscious fabrics at CQ Summer School, we were encouraged by Edwina to think how we might use them. One exercise was constructing a piece made of 9 parts inspired by the images we'd brought. July's Journal Quilt is the result ( note the accent piece of my 'star' fabric!)
I struggle sometimes with simplification and so this was very useful for me. The image I used (of a wave at Paralio Astros in Greece) is one I've used several times before.
This 12 x 12 piece was too photographic for my liking
This energetic watercolour and acrylic ink painting is beginning to get there
The simple stitching of a Journal Quilt from last year showed the possibilities of mark-making in achieving what I want.
Writing this I realize that there is a series developing here!!


sandra wyman said...

Love it so far - look forward to seeing more!

lisette said...

wow! that is fabulous. i especially like the stitched wave edges (for want of a better description!)