Friday 17 September 2010

Door Samples and SeptemberJournal Quilts

As I'm still ruminating about next quilt and fighting off sore throat and sniffles, time to do some mindless sewing, catching down the facings of samples produced while making Tunisian Door Quilt. Ever since 2008 CQ Journal quilt challenge, I've liked the 12 x 12 inch format and have found it a big enough size to test out techniques , fabrics and stitching. I like to bind/face them so they're 'proper' quilts with the potential to mount on 12 inch canvases for sale at some point.
Another semi-mindless task was sorting through all fabric and scraps from the last few projects, folding them and putting them back in their colour baskets or classifying them by size and potential usefulness ( and there was me thinking I wasn't a taxonomist!)
I had a lot of wonky strips left over from the Tunisian Door which I decided to use for my September Journal Quilt, putting into fabric the ideas started in Elizabeth Barton's workshop of a distant photo placed over a detail/texture. Didn't put too much thought into it - like the flashes of pink that come through from the background fabric I used.
With the addition of an offcut leftover from 'thin blue line' quilt there were enough trimmings left after I'd cut it down to make another quilt, which I think I prefer. I like the results of being thrifty but how would I scale up and produce enough scraps of scraps?


Linda B. said...

I love the final piece in this blog, particularly the way the stitching references the original photo and the colours. Would they include that emotional response we discussed inclass?

Nina Marie said...

OMG - excuse me if I gush over these pieces LOVE THEM. I thought wow did does this lady know my taste or what? The use of color/value and line are just perfect!! thanks for sharing!