Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Procrastination of Samples

In preparation for getting back into working on the Weir (Ian will be pleased!) I've put together not 1 but 3 samples. While I find these invaluable for working out what I'm going to do with stitch and particularly paint (there being no going back with acrylics), I do wonder whether there is a degree of procrastination here, putting off committing to the larger piece.   I put a lot of work into samples as journal quilts last year and deciding on the final construction. But perhaps I'm not totally happy with it. I think I've developed quite  a bit   in the last18 months in honing my skills, particularly in self-critique.  I didn't have enough ikat left so used some wonderful hand-dye from Sue and the African batik is a different one. As often is the case , the samples (as with sketches) may turn out to be more interesting  than the finished work but it will be an adventure.


Connie Rose said...

I like them a lot, Mags. I like them together, as well.

Lizzie said...

I Like them too. I find it difficult to paint over fabric I like!! but I am getting better at it. Congrats. on the sale of your 'Breakthrough' quilt